Skin FAQs

We, the sebamed team, want one thing above all: that you are completely satisfied with us and our products. That is why we look forward to your questions and suggestions. Many frequently asked questions – about our products, their use, the ingredients, manufacturing processes or about our company – are already answered in our skin FAQs. If you have any further questions, simply click on the contact form. Let us know what is on your mind. We will reply personally as soon as possible.


The most frequently asked questions

  • Do the soap-free cleansing bar and the liquid wash emulsion from sebamed work differently?

    No, both are comparable in terms of cleansing effect, mildness and skin compatibility as well as their suitability for sensitive and problematic skin. Which of the two products you choose is entirely up to personal preference.

  • How do I dose cleaning products correctly?

    First moisten your hands, sponge or washcloth well, then apply a small amount of the wash product, cleanse the skin and finally rinse or wipe off thoroughly. Repeat the process with a little more product if required. You will quickly find the optimum quantity for you.

  • My skin is often tight after showering, and becomes rough and dry – why?

    Detergents that are too aggressive and contain soap attack the skin’s protective layer and therefore promote dehydration. Mild, soap-free shower products with pH 5.5 maintain the skin’s moisture balance and barrier function – for skin that feels good after showering.

  • How often can I bathe?

    Bathing promotes skin dehydration. You should therefore bathe no more than three times a week – less often if you have dry skin. If the skin shows signs of dryness afterwards, apply cream immediately and bathe for a shorter time (max. 15 minutes) and at a cooler temperature (max. 35°C) the next time.

  • I often have red spots on my face. Can applying cream solve the problem?

    If the skin is only temporarily reddened, sebamed Anti-Redness can help. If the red patches persist, this may be a sign of the skin condition rosacea. Severe, permanent redness, enlarged veins and breakouts have to be treated with medication. This is where sebamed Anti-Redness can help as a supporting product for the treatment.

  • I have dry skin, play sports every day after work and always want to feel hygienically fresh. I cannot do without showering in the morning and after sport. How can I protect my skin from drying out further?

    Frequent showering is particularly stressful for dry skin. Shower products with highly concentrated care additives such as sebamed Shower Oil or sebamed Shower Cream can help. They refresh the skin and keep it from drying out. In addition, sebamed Body Milk can be used to moisturise the skin at least after every other shower.

  • Do I actually need different cleansing products for my face, hands and body?

    Facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body. However, clinical dermatological studies have shown that the mild sebamed cleansing products for sensitive skin – e.g. the soap-free cleansing bar or the liquid cleansing emulsion – are equally suitable for the face, body and hands. Special cleansing is often only required to remove stubborn make-up.

  • Do I need a special day cream and a separate night cream for anti-ageing?

    Not necessarily. Conventional day creams are usually lighter and contain UV protection, while night creams contain richer skincare formulas. The sebamed Anti-Ageing care range for sensitive skin is different. The cream gel and lifting serum contain lighter formulas, while the restorative cream and wrinkle filler contain richer formulas. They are all suitable for both day and night use. This means you can optimise them to suit your individual skincare needs and routines. None of these products contain UV filters for two reasons: Firstly, you would need too much product for all-day sun protection, and secondly, this could put additional strain on sensitive skin in particular. A well covering make-up or the targeted use of a sunscreen product directly before going out into the sun is more skin-friendly: sebamed Sun Protection Creams SPF 30 or SPF 50+ are the right choice.

  • Do sebamed deodorants contain aluminium salts?

    No. Aluminium compounds belong to the active ingredient group of antiperspirants that currently dominate the deodorant market. They suppress sweat production but can cause irritation to sensitive skin. This is why we consistently avoid aluminium salts in the production of sebamed deodorants.

  • Do deodorants with aluminium salts work better than those without?

    Deodorants with aluminium salts are antiperspirants. This means that they strongly inhibit the flow of sweat and the armpits remain dry. Deodorants without aluminium cannot do this. But they protect just as well against body odour – and are also much better tolerated by sensitive skin.

  • Can I use deodorant directly after shaving my underarm area?

    Of course, but it is better to use a deodorant without alcohol, otherwise it will sting. Particularly suitable: sebamed Deo Balsam Sensitive or sebamed for Men Deo Sensitive.

  • Do sebamed products contain ingredients of animal origin?

    Most sebamed products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. This is easy to recognise at a glance, as all these products are labelled as vegan.

  • What is sebamed’ position on animal testing?

    All of our sebamed products are created completely without animal testing and are tested exclusively on humans in clinical dermatological studies that follow strict ethical criteria. We are against animal testing of cosmetic products and their ingredients because we are certain that there have long been better alternatives. The relevant EU Cosmetics Regulation has prohibited animal testing for over 10 years. We also have our raw material suppliers confirm strict compliance with this regulation.

  • What does pH 5.5 mean?

    pH 5.5 means slightly acidic and corresponds to the skin’s natural acid mantle. If the skin is cleansed and cared for with products that have this pH, this supports the protective function against dehydration as well as irritants and pollutants. pH 5.5 also stabilises the healthy balance of the skin microbiome. In combination with particularly well-tolerated moisturising ingredients, sebamed effectively protects skin health, as proven by over 400 scientific studies.

  • Why does soap damage the skin?

    Soap is not acidic, but forms an alkaline solution (pH 8 – 12), which attacks and weakens the skin’s natural protective layer. This increases the risk of the skin drying out and causing unpleasant skin reactions or damage.

  • How does the soap-free cleansing bar cleanse without any soap at all?

    The secret lies in cleansing ingredients that are in balance with the skin’s own pH of 5.5. These allow sebamed skin cleansing products to ensure thorough cleanliness and freshness without drying out or irritating the skin. The mild cleansing bars, wash emulsions and shower products support the natural barrier function while keeping the skin microbiome in a healthy balance.


Any questions? Or suggestions?

We want you to be completely satisfied with us and our products. That is why we look forward to your questions and suggestions. Simply click on “Contact us”, tell us what is on your mind and we will get back to you as soon as possible.