Responsibility for the skin also means responsibility for people and the environment. That is why we at Sebapharma have been committed to sustainability since our company was founded.


Protecting skin means respecting nature


The skin as an interface

The skin is our largest organ. It envelops us, protects us and forms both our barrier and contact surface with the outside world. This makes it our most important interface with the environment.

It is therefore clear that Sebapharma not only feels responsible for our skin, but also for our environment and other people. Because we can feel good all round only if we live in an intact, healthy environment and our interactions are characterised by consideration and appreciation.


We live sustainability

Sustainability is a core corporate value for Sebapharma and is broken down into three aspects: ecological, economic and social sustainability.


This is reflected throughout our entire value chain and in all business divisions. From responsible, environmentally friendly management, innovative research and development and consistent optimisation of all production processes to aspects such as family-oriented personnel development and regional commitment: Sebapharma takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

Sustainable core areas

Our objective at Sebapharma is to continuously develop and expand the concept of sustainability within the company. We focus on three clearly defined core areas.


  • Efficient use of renewable raw materials
  • Responsible growth


  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Optimisation of the recyclability of materials
  • Continuous reduction of packaging waste


  • A local site with a secure future
  • Respectful interactions
  • Mutual respect

What sebamed does for the environment

11,3 t

Of Packaging
Materials Saved

The company switched to more environmentally friendly packaging back in 2013. This consisted of 70 % LDPE and 30 % HDPE, a high-density polyethylene plastic. This reduced the weight and saved around 11.3 tons of materials per year.

335 t

Of Wood

We have deliberately omitted package leaflets. Instead, we offer our customers a convenient and much more environmentally friendly way to find out about product performance and sustainability by printing a QR code on each pack. This saves paper and ink for 7.6 million package leaflets each year – the equivalent of around 335 tons of wood.

13,8 t

less plastic
on top

We have further optimized jars and bottles since 2017, reducing the amount of plastic by a further 13.8 tonnes per year.