Our sponsoring

Medicinal skin care from sebamed is ideal especially for athletes. Factors such as heavy perspiration, changing temperatures and frequent showering take a special toll on athletes’ skin. But there is another reason why sebamed is so heavily involved in sports – pure passion!


For the love of sports

The partnership between sebamed and sports began in 1984, when Dr Heinz Maurer, himself a great sports fan, met Prof. Dr Keul, who at the time was the team physician of the German Olympic team. Both agreed that the best German athletes should have access to the best medicinal skin care from sebamed in the future. That is how sebamed became the official partner of the German Olympic teams.

A lot has happened since then. Our sponsoring commitment was continuously expanded, new types of sport were integrated and innovative concepts were introduced. But one thing never changed: Our passion for sports.


Our commitment

Nordseewoche -


Sebamed is the new partner of the NORDSEEWOCHE HELGOLAND 2024 regatta. We support Germany’s largest open-sea regatta event with our care products from the sebamed Sea Salt product range and the traditional “Helgoländer Acht” regatta bears our name. The “sebamed-Cup Helgoländer Acht” will take place on Whit Monday, 20 May 2024.

Marathon winner photo


Running well – with freshness from sebamed. Whether at the marathon in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Celle, Paderborn or at other regional running events – from the Austrian Women’s Run to our own sebamed May Run. As a sponsor, sebamed reliably provides athletes and spectators with samples and skin refreshment.

Kiel Week press photo

Kieler Woche

When salt, water, wind, sun and cold take their toll on sailors’ skin, sebamed brings them back into balance. A good reason for us to support the regattas of the Kieler Woche. Since 2023, we have been part of this traditional and incredibly varied crowd-puller and world-class sailing event.

Logo German Sports Aid

Deutsche Sporthilfe

Since 2013, we have been a service partner of the Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid Foundation) with sebamed, providing over 3 800 athletes supported by the foundation with our special sebamed Sport products. This commitment is clearly communicated nationally on all packaging of the sebamed Sport products. Sebapharma is also actively involved in the nationwide Sporthilfe donation campaign “Dein Name für Deutschland” (Your name for Germany).

Logo German Triathlon Union

Deutsche Triathlon Union

When the best triathletes compete, sebamed is there, keeping the skin of many of these exceptional athletes in balance as an official supplier. We have also been supporting the Roth Challenge and the Hamburg City Triathlon for many years with promotions and active skin consultations.

German Tennis Federation or tennis player clay court


Dr Heinz Maurer was a passionate tennis player and fan. In the early 2000s, he therefore supported the career of professional tennis player Tommy Haas. As a partner for healthy skin, sebamed is still an active partner of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) today.

Logo German Rowing Association

Deutscher Ruderverband

Since 2020, we have been a partner of the Deutscher Ruderverband (German Rowing Federation) with sebamed. All winners in the German Championships are presented with a sebamed gift box.

Cycling team meeting


An increasing number of enthusiastic mountain bikers have been competing in a sebamed outfit since 2005. Three sebamed teams from Germany and Austria with a total of 50 riders are taking on the challenge and looking for a win – from the Ritchey Challenge to local events like the Schinderhannes Marathon.

Beach volleyball winners pose

Beach volleyball

We are proud partners and sponsors of the successful women’s beach volleyball team consisting of Christine Aulenbrock and Sandra Ferger. These two athletes share a burning passion for their sport and joint successes. Their longstanding friendship is characterised by hard work, commitment and mutual respect. Values that we share and support. Learn more at:

Logo Sport Union Vienna

Sport Union Wien

Our partnership with the Vienna Sport Union began in 2017. It is one of Austria’s largest umbrella sport organisations and actively supports 600 000 members in more than 4 500 clubs and more than 200 sports.

Volleyball team photo


The volleyball team of the TV sebamed Bad Salzig has been successfully competing in the regional volleyball league of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate for five years. Sebamed provides the team name and sponsors the jerseys, as the photo clearly shows.

RTL Spendenmarathon

RTL Telethon

“RTL – We help children” is the name of the campaign for which the RTL Telethon raises money every year. This is something that is also very close to our hearts at Sebapharma with the sebamed brand. For the 50th anniversary, we therefore donated the round sum of 55 000 euros as a nod to the famous pH 5.5

RTL children’s TV presenter Tom Lehel already secured 25 000 euros by participating in the “Boppard sebamed run” – 5 euros for each meter run.

Formula 2 Maurer Motorsport Stefan Bellof


With the successful driver Stefan Bellof, Maurer Motorsport dominated the European Formula Two Championships in 1982. His race cars bore the sebamed logo – two years before sebamed started supporting the German Olympic team.